Shiras Moose

If you are looking for your North American 29 or just an exciting moose hunt with lots of action then Covert Outfitting has a great Shiras Moose hunt for you. Although slightly smaller than the Canadian Moose, Shiras bulls are still huge animals and trophies up to 50 inches are always a possibility.

Shiras may be hunted both during the rut in early October or on the winter range in November. For the past 5 seasons both of these hunts have been virtually 100% successful on 7 day hunts, so it depends on your schedule and how you like to hunt when trying to decide which date to choose.

Rut hunts are a combination of driving, walking, calling and waiting….and waiting…and more waiting, listening for a responsive bull that is in the right mood to investigate what he perceives to be either his next love or his next fight. Every day during these hunts you will be within hearing range of bulls but it’s often a day or two before one can be lured in. During a 7 day rut hunt you will likely see fewer bulls than on a November hunt but the ones you see will be noisy, close and likely very angry that you are talking to them! The excitement of calling in a trophy bull is hard to match on any other North American hunt!

Once the rut ends in mid-October Bull Moose can be very difficult to find. They are usually hidden in the darkest swamps and forests resting and recovering from all the energy they’ve put into the breeding season. This seems to all change when the first real cold weather arrives in early November. Bulls often join up with their former rivals and form small bachelor groups as they move onto the winter range. Cold weather causes the moose to feed more during daylight hours and on bitterly cold sunny days they often bed in the open to absorb warmth from the sun. The colder it is the better the hunting is and hunters need to be dressed for severe Canadian cold, but the rewards far outweigh the short periods of discomfort. November hunts are spot and stalk style hunts and transportation is by 4X4, tracked Argos or by snowmobile depending on snow depths and hunter preferences.

Shiras Moose Hunting Information

What you need to know.

Shiras Moose Hunting

2022/23 Package Pricing in US Dollars
1 on 1, 7 day Guaranteed Hunt $14,900
2 on 1, 7 day Guaranteed Hunt $12,900
Hunt Dates
Winter Range Hunt November

Make your Shiras Moose hunt a combination hunt by adding any of these species

Mule Deer $1,000
Whitetail Deer $1,000
Lynx $2,500 Harvest Fee
Cougar $2,000 plus $3,000 Harvest Fee

* prices do not include licenses, royalties, taxes or NRHPF

British Columbian

Shiras Moose

Spread 35-45 inches
Weight 800-1000 lbs

Average Mature Bulls

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