Fishing for dinosaurs!!
Sturgeon are north America’s largest freshwater fish, and can reach weights in excess of a  1000 pounds!! We fish the Fraser River in British Columbia.  This river has been a catch and release fishery for over 20 years,  producing consistently great fishing for huge sturgeon.  Sturgeon, despite being a bottom feeder, put up an amazing fight often jumping many times once hooked. These fights can last an hour or more.  Your experienced guide will help you through the entire experience, from baiting your hook to helping you land a 100 year old monster!
We fish from an anchored river boat so its a great adventure anybody can experience, regardless of age or physical limitations. Covert Outfitting provides everything necessary for a successful day on the river including bait, tackle, boats and professional guides.
Contact Covert Outfitting today and spend a unique and unforgettable day on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada.

Sturgeon Fishing the Fraser River

$750/ day……………….1-2 people
$50/day………………….each additional person
Make it all inclusive including meals and accommodation for $150/day 
Additional days receive a 20 % discount
Each day is a full 8 hours fishing including lunch and beverages. Price does not include fishing license or tax.

British Columbia Sturgeon

Length up to 12 Feet
Weight up to 1100 #

The largest white sturgeon ever recorded tipped the scale at 1799 pounds and they have been known to grow to length of 20 feet!

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