Coastal Black Bear

The ultimate spot and stalk

Harrison Lake has always been known for its big coastal bears…….Kiff originally hunted the area in 1998 and on the first day he was shocked at the number of big bears! It turned into a great day and even with just a map and no prior experience in the area, Kiff and long time friend Josh Carlson managed to take a 19″ bear. As with most coastal bear habitat, there are much larger and consistent food sources than you find in interior regions. Massive salmon runs, abundant berries and a temperate rain forest climate are the ingredients that grow big bears and Harrison Lake has them all!

Covert Outfitting offers first class spot and stalk coastal black bear hunts at a value not offered by other outfitters. Although the area is remote and rough, it’s proximity to Vancouver keeps the operating expenses much lower than most other coastal areas allowing the price to be comparable to an interior black bear hunt. On top of that you can upgrade your hunt to include a fully guided sturgeon charter and make it an unforgettable combination that will make everyday exciting even after your bear tag is filled.

Black bear hunting is a combination of driving, walking and glassing feeding areas looking for a trophy class bear. Although the country is extremely rugged, old logging roads, riverbanks and lakeshores allow access with only minimal physical exertion so you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to be a successful black bear hunter. These hunts are close to 100% successful so patience, faith in your guide and a steady shot are all you need to take home a coastal black bear in British Columbia with Covert Outfitting.


What you need to know.

Coastal Black Bear Hunting

2022/23 Package Pricing in US Dollars

1 on 1, 6 day hunt 

2 on 1, 6 day hunt



Hunt Dates
Spring Hunt May 1 — Jun 15

* 2nd Black Bear can be added to most hunts for an additional $1000 ( $500 to hunt / $500 fee payable upon harvest)

* prices do not include licenses, royalties, taxes or NRHPF


British Columbian

Coastal Black Bear

Score 18-20+ inches
Square 6-7+ feet

Average measurements of Mature Bears

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