Mule Deer

Mountain deer hunting at its finest

Covert Outfitting is licensed to guide and outfit in the Peace River Valley of British Columbia; home of Canadian Moose, Elk, Whitetail and big Mule Deer!

The two best times to hunt are in September during the archery season or with a rifle in November. Whitetail are often seen in the same areas and these are big Northern whitetails so its recommended that you pick up a whitetail tag and hunt these deer in combination.

Mule Deer Hunting Information

British Columbia Facts

Mule Deer Hunting

2022/23 Package Pricing in US Dollars
1 on 1, 7 day Rut Hunt $6,900
2 on 1, 7 day Rut Hunt $5,400
1 on 1, 5 day Any Buck Hunt $4,900
2 on 1, 5 day Any Buck Hunt $3,900
Hunt Dates
Rut Hunt Rifle or Bow November
Any Buck Hunt October

Make your Mule Deer hunt a combination hunt by adding any of these species

Whitetail Deer included
Wolf included

* prices do not include licenses, royalties, taxes or NRHPF

The British Columbian

Mule Deer

Score 150-180 gross inches
Spread 24-30 inches

Average Mature Bucks

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