Canadian Moose

The Northern Rocky Mountains of British Columbia are home to some big trophy class Canadian Moose. Most bulls that reach maturity will be at least 50 inches wide and a few will break the 60” mark! Covert Outfitting hunts some very remote valleys that have seen few people and are mostly undisturbed; because of this, older bulls make up a relatively large percentage of the moose population.

The best time to hunt Canadian moose is during the rut. Our hunts are timed to take full advantage of the breeding season when the secretive bulls can be drawn into the open. Even after calling moose for years, the adrenaline, anticipation and excitement of calling a huge bull into close range never diminishes. Every hunter needs to experience this to truly understand and appreciate the feeling. Pre-rut and post-rut hunts are also available at a discount. These are still very successful hunts and elk or bear make a great add on to any hunt.

Access to our Canadian moose territory is by riverboat, atv and 4×4 vehicles, so hunters can be sure they will get the true Canadian wilderness experience. Hunting is based from a well-equipped wall tent camp, from here hunters travel to various locations calling for bulls.

Once your trophy has been harvested your experienced energetic guide will then quarter and pack all meat, antlers and cape back to camp and prepare it for shipping. This is the most physical part of the hunt so older hunters or anybody with a disability shouldn’t be discouraged from coming on a Canadian moose hunting adventure, you can let Covert Outfitting take care of the hard work while you reflect on the success of your hunt.

Hunting Information

What you need to know about Canadian Moose hunting in B.C.

Canadian Moose Hunting

2022/23 Package Pricing in US Dollars

1 on 1, 10 day hunt
2 on 1, 10 day hunt

Hunt Dates
Rut Hunt September/October

Make your Canadian Moose hunt a combination hunt by adding any of these species

Black Bear
Mule Deer
Grizzly Bear
$1000 Trophy fee
$10,000 Trophy fee when available
$1000 Trophy fee

* prices do not include licenses, royalties, taxes or NRHPF



Spread 40-55 inches
Weight 800-1200 lbs

Average Mature Bulls

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