Mountain Goat

Mountain goat hunting defines British Columbian style spot and stalk hunting. It’s beautiful, rugged and incredibly rewarding once successful, but the key to success is being mentally and physically prepared for the hunt. Even on a perfect mountain goat hunt there are periods of discomfort that wouldn’t be expected on other North American hunts. Being wet, cold, completely exhausted, and hanging onto precarious cliffs are just a few things that make up the daily routine of a mountain goat hunt. As a hunter if you are going to put yourself into this environment then choosing an experienced outfitter and a location with lots of mountain goats only makes sense and is the third key to success.

Covert Outfitting offers two styles of hunting, horse back and backpack. For hunters that may have some difficulty climbing the 3000-4000 feet necessary to get close to the mountain goats then the horseback option will drastically increase their chances of success. There are very few places in the world that it’s possible to get horses up into goat habitat but Covert Outfitting hunts one herd that offers this luxury.

Success on these hunts doesn’t come down to locating goats, it’s a matter of being physically prepared and then enduring the hardships of the hunt. As a hunter if you do this then you can expect to take home a trophy you have earned and a story you will tell for years to come. Contact Covert Outfitting and discuss the equipment and preparation you might need to be a part of a successful mountain goat hunting adventure!


What you need to know.

Mountain Goat Hunting

2022/23 Package Pricing in US Dollars

1 on 1, 7 day hunt, Backpack


Hunt Dates
Backpack Hunt September 1 – October 31

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The British Columbian

Mountain Goat

Score 45-50
Horn Length 9-10 inches

Average Mature Billys

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