Grizzly Bear

North America's most Challanging Hunt !

This hunt is currently unavailable, but may be again in the future as a result of the pending class action lawsuit against the Province of British Columbia.

Covert Outfitting specializes in guiding for Mature Mountain Grizzly Boars. These hunts are the ultimate spot and stalk style hunts in British Columbia’s wildest places. The best way to see if this is the right hunt for you is to call Kiff directly at 250 469 3648 and hear every real detail!

Hunting Information

What you need to know about Grizzly Bear hunting in B.C.

Grizzly Bear Hunting

2022/23 Package Pricing in US Dollars
1 on 1, 10 day hunt 
1 on 1 Guaranteed hunt
Hunt Dates
Spring Hunt May 1 — Jun 15
Fall Hunt Aug 15 — Oct 25

Make your Grizzly hunt a combination hunt by adding any of these species

Black bear included
Wolf included
Canadian Moose $1000 Trophy fee
Mountain Goat $2000 Trophy fee

* prices do not include licenses, royalties, taxes or NRHPF

British Columbian

Grizzly Bear

Score 22-24 + inches
Square 7-8 feet

Average Mature Boars

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