Mule Deer

Mountain deer hunting at its finest

Covert Outfitting is licensed to guide and outfit in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia; home of Shiras Moose, Cougars and lots and lots of mule deer! No other licensed guide territory in British Columbia has a year round deer population as high. From the surrounding sub-alpine mountains down to the low elevation fir parkland, all the wild places in the Okanagan are perfect mule deer habitat.

With almost 30 years of experience hunting in the Okanagan, Covert Outfitting understands what it takes to find big deer and offers three different hunts that gives hunters an opportunity to pick a hunt that best suits their preferences.

October brings cool temperatures, the moose rut and any buck season to the Okanagan Valley! Covert Outfitting offers a very affordable 5 day hunt that appeals to hunters looking to fill their freezer and enjoy a great hunt in the mountains while seeing lots of deer. Mature bucks may be harvested for no extra charge and this becomes a high likelihood towards the end of the month. Hunting is done from 4×4’s and is a spot and stalk style hunt that is suitable for all hunters regardless of age or abilities.

November 1 brings a change in the hunting regulations to protect younger bucks when they get careless during the rut. Only bucks with at least 4 points on one antler may be harvested during this time. Bucks begin wandering looking for does in heat this time of year and the first 10 days of November is one of the best times to rifle hunt a trophy mule deer in British Columbia.

The mule deer season is closed from Nov 11-24 protecting the deer when they are most vulnerable and maintaining the quality of the deer herd. November 25 is the start of archery season and brings unbelievable opportunities for bow hunters to take a mature mule deer without competing with rifle hunters. Any buck is legal and the success of the hunt depends on the skills of the shooter as opportunities will present themselves almost daily.

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Mule Deer Hunting Information

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Mule Deer Hunting

Package Pricing in US Dollars
1 on 1, 7 day Trophy hunt $4900
2 on 1, 7 day Trophy hunt $3900
1 on 1, 5 day any buck hunt $3900
2 on 1, 5 day any buck hunt $2900
Hunt Dates
Trophy Hunt Rifle or Bow Nov 1-10
Trophy Hunt Bow only Nov 25-Dec 10
Any buck Rifle or Bow Oct 1-31

Make your Mule Deer hunt a combination hunt by adding any of these species

Whitetail Deer included
Wolf included
Black Bear $1000 Trophy Fee
Moose $3000 Trophy Fee
Cougar $3500 Trophy Fee

* prices do not include licenses, royalties, taxes or NRHPF

The British Columbian

Mule Deer

Score 150-180 gross inches
Spread 24-30 inches

Average Mature Bucks

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