• Mountain Goat Beautiful, Rugged and Incredibly Rewarding

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  • Coastal Black Bears Experience, Adventure, Success

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  • Mountain Grizzly In some of the worlds highest density!

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  • Hunt Cougar British Columbia's largest population

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Welcome to Covert Outfitting

Covert Outfitting is owned and operated by Kiff Covert who has been a professional hunter for almost half his life. All his experiences enable him to execute successful hunts with clients from around the world. Covert Outfitting brings together multiple licensed hunting concessions, offering the very best of each one, so that every hunt is a premium hunt! With many of British Columbia’s most sought after big game species, and more than 5000 square miles combined, you can be sure that Covert Outfitting has the right hunt for you.



  • “I took two species in my North American 29 quest with Kiff last year and we are going for more!! Thanks Kiff!”

    Steve Torrence/Torrence Racing

  • “Our experience with Covert Outfitting far exceed our expectations! We not only managed to harvest a bear, but we learned so much about the territory, bears and wildlife while there. Kiff is extremely knowledgeable and provides his hunters with a fascinating adventure, I can’t recommend them enough! We can’t wait to return again to experience the challenge of hunting Canadian game with Covert Outfitting.”

    Bri Van Scotter

  • “I have had the privilege of hunting most of North America for 40 years. Kiff ranks as tops, among a long list of very fine Outfitters.”

    Tim Driscoll

Every Hunt is a Premium Hunt!

British Columbia, Canada
Discover a unique outfitting strategy that combines the best of multiple territories.

Outfitting Facts

  • Over 5000 sq. miles covering multiple territories in British Columbia.
  • Optional sturgeon fishing included with some hunting packages.
  • Ask about guaranteed hunts!
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Sturgeon Fishing

British Columbia, Canada
The next
world-record sturgeon
is waiting
to be caught...

Fraser and Harrison River Fishing

  • Sturgeon fishing in British Columbia has been catch and release for over 20 years making the Fraser River the worlds best sturgeon  sport fishery.
  • White Sturgeon can live more than 100 years.
  • In 2012, a 12ft 4in, 1,100lb white sturgeon was caught on the Fraser River – the largest freshwater fish ever caught on rod and reel in North America.
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Kiff Covert....Guide Outfitter

"The satisfaction of being a successful guide outfitter can't be compared to anything else" ........Kiff
Kiff Covert

Welcome to Covert Outfitting and thank you for visiting our totally redesigned website for 2015. Unfortunately we were too busy hunting and didn’t get enough writing finished in time for the start of the busy 2015 show season. Keep checking back, everything will be completed soon or come see us this week in our booth at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show January 21-25, 2015!

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